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Kathleen Glenn-Matthews | Keller Williams Realty Blog

Friday, May 3, 2019   /   by Kathleen Glenn-Matthews

Warm Weather Opportunities

With so many changes happening in our area, it is a great time to focus on building community. Whether you have lived at your home for decades or have just moved in, warm weather provides a great opportunity to be outside and meet your neighbors. Here are just a couple of helpful actions to help build positive relationships. If you have more ideas, that have worked well for you, please let me know.
v Introduce yourself. If the folks next-door are making a lot of changes check-out their landscaping. Wave and say thank you to the mail carrier or garbage man.
v Think about greeting new people who move-in and seeing if elderly neighbors are okay.
v Discuss big exterior changes first. Before you start work on a fence, cut down a tree near the
border of an adjacent property, try to let them know. Hopefully they will appreciate your courtesy and return the favor.